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About is owned and operated by Independent Artists Movement, LLC. This website offers music marketing services, music marketing consulting, music marketing research, and artists management.


We're not just another company offering digital marketing services. We host networking events, open mics, and offer free education on a wide array of topics essential to artist development and the music business.

Our Goal

Independent Artists Movement, LLC was created as a means of exposing independent artists & musicians to independent music fanatics. We have since expanded our services to offer education and artists development. The goal is to educate artists and musicians on the business & ownership aspects of the music industry and to help bridge the gap between fans of independent music and independent artists & musicians of all genres.

Your music will always be new to someone, so keep spreading the word about your previous releases, even after you’ve put something new out.” — Chris Robley (Musician, CD Baby Blog)

Our Vision

Our vision is a world of artists & musicians who connect directly to their fans without losing a percentage of the ownership of their art.

“If it cost me my ownership, I cannot afford it." — Real Glinton (Founder of Independent Artists Movement) 


We're not just another company offering online promotion services. We champion the community of independent professionals and artists. We are a growing network of artists, musicians, bands, dj’s, club promoters, music instructors, writers, journalists, bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, producers, engineers, and fans. We also host networking events and offer free education on a wide array of topics like publishing and ownership of intellectual property.

I started imagining this whole different world. It was a society of musicians, a family I hoped I could belong to one day — Quincy Jones (Record Producer)

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