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What is the
A$A Network

Intro Video

Follow Instructions in Welcome Email

PLEASE do NOT change the "Subject Line" in any emails we send. 

Check your SPAM and PROMOTIONS FOLDER if you Don't see the Welcome Email

Check for NEW Emails every 2 to 4 Days,

and follow the steps for MORE FREE PROMO

Don't forget to check the SPAM and PROMOTIONS folder!

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Soundcloud Tasks Example.JPG
Spotify Tasks Example.JPG


1. No SPAM PASTE Comments



Fire song,

Cool Track,

Nice Song etc,


will get you ranked really low in the network and possibly banned.. 


I’m digging the beat but the voice is kinda too loud,

the lyrics are really deep, great work,


are examples of REAL comments.

2. No SPAM Messages to others.


"Hey I just released a new song check it out is" 


That's SPAM.

“Hey heard your track XYZ and I think we’ll sound good collaborating"  

"hey I see you’re in XYZ City, any shows I can do out there?


are GOOD Networking messages. 

3. Honesty and Professionalism is a must.




“This shit is garbage”


Even if its true, its unprofessional.


“You need mo work on yo delivery n timing”


would be an example of being honest AND professional.

Benefits & Prizes


1. Network with artists in related genres.

2. Access to playlists and building social proof.

3. Getting real feedback in real time to work on quality control.

4. Increase Streaming Pay Outs.

5. Free Promo (SoundCloud / Spotify)

6. Free step by step SoundCloud growth Guide

7. Free step by step Instagram growth Guide (@iAmSLWent)

8. *Assistance with Publishing

9. *Free mixing of 1 to 2 songs

10. *Events and Opportunities Near You

11. Mixing Step by Step Guide

12. *IG Ads

13. Marketing Research (Who do your fans like the most)

“If it cost me my ownership, I cannot afford it." — Real Glinton (Founder of Independent Artists Movement, LLC) 

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