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What's Different About Our Services?

We promote across all streaming platforms and Social Media Platforms.

We create custom landing pages and ad campaigns.

We offer custom artist's domains.

We report analytics on the performance of your campaign. 



Apple Music


We provide insights and suggestions based on the performance of your campaigns.

We can identify the interests of audiences who respond to your music the most.

Use this info to target more listeners and gain fans

Ad Campaigns

I appreciate the service, all of my questions were answered and the work was very good! I would def recommend it. Please read and make sure that you know what you are looking for, these guys are legit so don’t go looking for thousands of streams that’s not what this is.

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Over 20,000 Orders Completed!


Perfectly done! Great communication!


Extremely organic with good results. Not fake streams. Got me on some playlists with similar music. Extremely happy. Tried others where I got unrealistic numbers of streams.

Ad Campaigns

Either kick back and let us do the work like a boss or watch what we do and learn how to run your own ads!!