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4/10 Helpful Tips To Move Your Music Career Forward.

What's up aSa! It's Real Glinton and I'm back like I never left with the Fourth of 10 helpful tips to consider on your music career journey. Tip number four is to Learn How to Distribute Your Music Online.


You can get started distributing your music on SoundCloud and YouTube for free and easy. There are a lot of people listening to music on these platforms and it’s not a bad place to start. When you are ready to release your music on all streaming platforms, you will need a music aggregator aka an online digital distributor. You probably have already heard of a few of them Distrokid, United Masters, CD Baby, and TuneCore to name a few.


You can use any one of them to get your music on all major streaming platforms and you don’t need a record company to do it. Each one of them has its different costs, fees, and tools, so do your research before deciding which to use or test them all out to see which one works best for you.

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