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8/10 Helpful Tips To Move Your Music Career Forward.

What's poppin aSa! Real Glinton here again and this is the eighth of 10 helpful tips to consider on your music career journey. Tip number eight is to Build & Maintain An Online Presence


What I mean by online presence is taking control of your google panel. If someone discovers you, they most likely will google your name for more information about you.


Consider creating a website even if you aren't selling anything. Write about yourself on your own website so that google has a place to pull information about you from. Also consider having an account on all major social media platforms with matching names, even if you're not very active.

Needless to say, having an online presence is beneficial in many ways, but if you're just not a camera person, here are a few very important things to consider.

1. Write a professional bio and detailed description of what you want people who are discovering you for the first time to know about you and your music.

2. Invest in a professional photographer to get professional photos for your bio, website, and social media pages.

3. Consider hiring someone to manage and grow the page with you.

4. Go live in the studio and just be yourself. You don’t even have to look at the camera.

5. Follow fans of similar artists (Some of them will follow you back).

6. Message your new followers and respond to likes and comments (let them know you appreciate them).

7. Take some time and go like a post from your follower’s page. It’s easy and it’s free to get their attention and it builds a stronger connection and more engaged fan base.

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