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Limited Pricing on Memberships

Grand day to all. Here are the latest updates on the aSa Promotion, changes. Prepare to see these changes in effect very soon.

We're using membership fees to manage ads, sending traffic directly to the playlists.

Taking us (the middle man) out of the equation, allows us to focus more of the ad spend on getting you guys higher value listeners.

The membership comes in two tiers. For now, the rates are;

Monthly Basic Membership


700 aSa Coins (Redeemable for a 10-day playlist placement)

Chances to *scrobble for more coins. 1 coin per scrobble.

Monthly Premium Membership (30% off)


1,750 aSa Coins (Redeemable for 3 10-day playlist placements or 1 30-day playlist placement)

Chances to *scrobble for more coins. 2 coins per scrobble.

Yearly Elite Membership (50% off)


8,400 aSa Coins

Redeemable for 12 10-day playlist placements or 4 30-day playlist placements

Chances to *scrobble for more coins. 4 coins per scrobble.

You can lock in these rates for a year if you're in the first 50 members to join.

To be clear, anyone can join at any time, however, these rates will change as the playlist and audience grow. So it's best to get in early and lock in this "promotional" rate for the next 12 months.

Please direct any questions you may have to the chat, leave a comment or schedule a zoom call.

Thanks again, Stay Blessed.

-Lucci Damus, Chief of Operations

PS: its a lot of hard work marketing music and managing ads to get results so we appreciate all the hard you do as artists. I look forward to seeing this network grow into a true independent powerhouse.

*If you already have coins to spend, they can be added to your total once you order your membership. If you've ordered a service recently and are awaiting placement, we can do it now (while activity is low) or after the roll out and activity is back booming.

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Diego Ds
Diego Ds

Will these amounts be paid and do we still have Coins services?


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