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More ways to earn aSa Coins!

Hello aSa!! Genuinely sending well wishes and blessings to you all!

The aSa Coins were updated yesterday. Some of you have enough aSa coins for a free track submission. aSa coins will be updated every 2-3 days.

Ways to earn aSa Coins!

Earn for

​aSa Coins

Listen to music in the iFANm Playlists

1-3 aSa Coins

​Follow us on Instagram

for 150 aSa Coins (Screenshot completion)

​Follow us on Spotify

​for 150 aSa Coins (Screenshot completion)

Fill in all the details on your aSa Profile

200 aSa Coins (Screenshot completion)

​Order any promotion services from

7 aSa Coins per $1 spent/ aSa Members

14 aSa Coins per $1 spent/ aSa Artists

​Doing features with other aSa Artists

​100 aSa Coins(coming this month)

More ways to earn aSa Coins!

Post On The aSa Blog (25 aSa coins each day)

Only aSa Artists can post on the aSa blog. Feel free to share whatever you want, just be respectful and do not spam. Not all posts will be rewarded. Below is a list of posts that will earn you 25 aSa coins each day you post.

  • Share songs you like from the iFANm playlists on the aSa Blog.

  • Share a video of you doing anything other than music on the aSa Blog. (Have fun with this one but please be appropriate)

  • Like, comment, or share someone's post on the aSa Blog

Weekly Knowledge Exchange (200 aSa coins each week)

There will be an opportunity to earn 200 aSa coins by participating in weekly knowledge exchange. There will be a different topic for the knowledge exchange each week.

For this week's knowledge exchange topic, please share some tips on how you scrobble for aSa coins. For example, tell us what activities you do while scrobbling or what time of the day you do most of your scrobbling.

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