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Over 15 Booming Spotify Playlists 

 Over 35k Followers & Counting 

This Is How Our Playlists Get Real Plays

We use incentives like cash and prizes to influence and persuade listeners to stream our playlists on Spotify.

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Artists Success Academy

We have 2 networks aSa and iFANm. The aSa network is for artists. We give away recording equipment & free services to artists who listen to our playlists.


The iFANm network is for fans. We created a game called Who Said That using lyrics from our playlists. To win the game the fan must specify the artist's name and song's title.


We promote and grow these two networks every day. The longer you promote with us the more fans you'll reach. All orders start within 24 hours.


Easily the best promo service. I’ve tried enough of them now to know when the streams are real or fake, and

iAm Music Marketing never disappoints!

Over 20,000 Orders Completed!


Perfectly done! Great communication!

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Very professional. Customer service is on point and results are great.

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What To Expect

Monthly listeners

Monthly listeners are a calculation of people who played your music during a 28-day period. If a person plays your song on the 1st of the month, they become a monthly listener. If the person doesn't listen again within the next 28 days, they no longer count as a monthly listener.


This stat differs from your streams, which is how many times your tracks are played. You can view your monthly listeners on your profile below your name in the app and web player. For a more detailed look, check the “Audience” section of Spotify for Artists. The stat is displayed right above the timeline graph.

How do we deliver real monthly listeners?

Most of our traffic comes from our iFANm and ASA networks. Our recipients earn rewards like gift cards, cash prizes, free electronics, and other valuables for ongoing participation, much like a radio station. We run ads daily and have realistic and effective ways of attracting and keeping the attention of audiences. Both networks are open for anyone to join.


Spotify streams are counted when a song is played for 30 seconds or more. For EPs and albums, they are counted by adding up all of the plays for each track on the EP or album. Your total streams include all songs that you are credited as the main artist. 


Streams are one of many ways to touch Spotify’s algorithmic discovery. You can view your streams on your artist profile on Spotify. For a more detailed look, check the “Audience” section of Spotify for Artists and choose the "Streams" tab.


How do we deliver real streams?

As mentioned before, we have two networks, "iFANm and ASA," where our recipients earn prizes for ongoing participation. Additionally, we run ads targeting audiences with a strong preference for underground music, such as introverts and outcasts, while making both networks open for anyone to join.


Spotify followers operate much like YouTube subscribers, where it's intended to personalize the user’s experience. When someone follows your account, your content will show up in that person's “Home” window and email notifications. User-specific algorithms such as “Daily Mix,” “Release Radar,” and “Discover Weekly” are all influenced by which artists the person is following.


Building a following is not an easy task. Still, if you build correctly and organically, once you get going, it becomes easier and is a realistic way to touch the algorithms and promote your music for free.

Likes & Saves

Spotify's like and save feature (the heart icon) is similar to it's follow feature because they are both intended to personalize the user's experience. If the heart icon is clicked on an album, the entire album is saved and will appear in the “Your Library” section under the “Albums” tab. If the heart icon is clicked on an individual song, the song is saved and appears in the “Your Library” section under the “Liked Songs” tab. 


This feature is a very effective way to get a consistent flow of free streams and influence the “Daily Mix,” “Discover Weekly,” and “Radio” algorithms.


How do we deliver real and organic likes and saves?

We encourage all of our recipients to like and save as they choose. To keep engagement completely organic, we never reward or give prizes for likes and saves.

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