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Spotify Playlist Pitching 

We only pitch to curators whose results are verified as natural and organic.
Curators Verified Organic
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Best Value For ROI
  • Our curators are transparent about how they build, maintain, and grow their audiences 

Top-Rated Service
  • 98% Artist Satisfaction Rate 

Reach Up To 35,000 Fans With No Limits On The Amount Of Activity You'll receive.

Whether your genre is Hip-Hop, RnB, EDM, Pop, or Rock, our curators have playlists with fans hungry for new music. Get continuous traffic from real listeners. All of our curators have growing audiences on Spotify with over 35,000 followers combined.


Easily the best promo service. I’ve tried enough of them now to know when the streams are real or fake, and

iAm Music Marketing never disappoints!

Over 20,000 Orders Completed!


Perfectly done! Great communication!

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Very professional. Customer service is on point and results are great.

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